Listen In

These first two compositions are pieces that holds a special place in my heart. They were not composed to be piano pieces, however, from time to time, I do perform them as they were solo piano pieces.

Remember When We Remembered is a piece that reflects on the time when I would reminisce with my mom about the great times we shared when my father was alive. How, my mom and I would look at pictures and share stories for great moments in our lives. This piece was born out of those moments. The time that we set aside to remember special moments. I hope you will enjoy some special moments of your own while listening to Remember When We Remembered.

I composed A Bus Stop In Buckhead while sitting on a park bench in Buckhead, Georgia, waiting on the bus. While waiting, I met, who I call to this day, an Angel. She spoke life to me when I was in a very low place. She encouraged my spirit like no other had done before. Once we departed, I needed to do something to celebrate that occasion. So I took out a piece of paper and a pencil and composed the piece A Bus Stop In Buckhead.



I Wasn’t Suppose To is one of my most emotional pieces of late. This composition takes a look at the WHAT IF’S of our lives. What if I didn’t do this, or…, what if I didn’t do that. When one asks themselves these unanswerable questions, it leads the mind to wandering  in a wild vortex, chasing after it’s own tail (so to speak). After the excursion, the end results are very clear: I Wasn’t Suppose To. You actually ended up doing what you were suppose to do.



This sweet composition was inspired by my love for my sister. Sister Only One demonstrates, through a soft spoken voice of piano music, the joys of growing up with my only sister. Although we had our challenges, as did many other children with siblings,  my sister has meant more to me than she will ever know. We shared many wonderful lessons together as children, and given she was older than I, she taught me many valuable lessons in life. I have always had a special protective attitude towards my sister, simply because she had a small learning disability that stemmed from a early childhood issue. This never stopped or prevented her from being the best sister any sibling could ever desire to have and I truly thank God for my sister, because she is a blessing to and in my life. Please enjoy this piece entitled, Sister Only One.



Social Emotional pieces have been high on my priority list of compositions, simply because I felt a need to provide my token of appreciation for the lessons I was taught by way of the experiences I’ve witnessed personally, or through other witnesses  These compositions are close to my heart as every piece has it’s own special story and life.

This is a composition I wrote, inspired by a tragic event that happened in August of 1955. I titled the piece “Emmett, Til’ I See You!” A very emotional piece that moves the very core of one’s spirit to tears and back to calm. I had the opportunity to share with a book writer who actually spoke with Emmett Till’s mother, directly before she died. He gave me images and transcripts of their talks and meetings. While looking over the images and listening to the audio recordings of Mrs. Mamie Till-Mobley, I composed this piece. Jazz Saxophonist, Antoine Roney is playing sax on this. I pray that you’ll receive a blessing from this composition Emmett, Til I See You.



This is part two (the rejoice) of the composition, Emmett, Til I See You! This should place a smooth place of resolve back into your spirit after hearing and experiencing part one of this composition.