Jaythan Sparks began his journey in music at a young age. He was 7 when he discovered the beauty of music. It would take Jaythan 7 more years before he would truly understand the greatness of music and the ability to create compositions that would draw hearts to be filled with joy.

Jaythan was accepted into the New England Conservatory of Music in the mid 80′s and he was offered a music scholarship to the University if Hartford (Hart School of Music) under the direction of the late jazz saxophonist, Jackie McLean. It was there that Jaythan studied music composition and appreciation. Jaci Byard and Walter Bishop, Jr. played a great part of Jaythan’s journey through music.

Jaythan is a versatile pianist, composer, musician, artist in the smooth jazz, contemporary instrumental, new age genre. He also explores creative relationships between nature, photography, and music through multi-media efforts. Jaythan is also a featured independent artist on The Color of Jazz, Internet Radio Program. Jaythan was influenced by Media-Music in the mid ’80s while attending the University of Hartford.

As a solo piano composer and improviser (also group composition) Jaythan is highly regarded for the careful, musical crafting that goes into each piece. He spends long hours at the piano working with melodies and tonal/chord progressions, often utilizing only one note.

New Age and Neoclassical compositions seems to flow effortlessly from Jaythan as he is an adept improviser.   Many of his compositions began life as complete

In addition to his original music, Jaythan plays a variety of popular, traditional gospel, smooth jazz and classical music. He is available through this web site for piano performances, public and private, in home concerts, weddings, parties, corporate events, piano lessons and master classes.

Jaythan has studied with Sidney J. Bruce, Lila Nizam, Billy Childs, Patrice Rushen, Dave Frank, Jackie McLean, Paul Jeffries, Jaki Byard, Walter Bishop, Jr., and Otis Hayes and is influenced by many genre of music.  He names Keith Jarret, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, George Winston, David Lanz, Michael Jones, Liz Story, David Nevue, Jim Brickman, David Benoit, Dave Grusin, Ralph Towner, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Shirley Scott, Nina Simone, Tony Williams, Glen Gould, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, J.S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as just a few of his musical influences.