“Jaythan,  It’s rare to find an artist album in which every music track is classic. Every track here is sweet. Your CD’s are heart felt and filled with emotions that lights up any dark mood.”


I am so thankful to God for allowing me to share this gift of music with you. I do not take the gift of music for granted, simply because I truly recognize the power, beauty and wealth it possess. As I give respect to the very instrument God has provided me with the skills to play, I am at awe, in every moment that I sit before the piano, as I attempt to submerge myself in depths of imagination in a feeble endeavor to amass the great potential of discovering all it has to reveal. And it is in those explorations,  I want to invite you, and share with you. Sometimes, not perfect or orthodox, however, it’s music straight from the heart.

Listeners’ Say:

Hearing your music, I find myself asking the question, Where have you been? And who informed you of the feelings I have been feeling? It’s like, you knew exactly how I felt and you put it into music. God bless and thank you!
Gary – New Haven, Conn

Jaythan, I ordered A Bus Stop In Buckhead from Amazon 2 days ago, and I have been listening to it all day for 2 days straight. It is such a warm song that keeps a smile on my face and heart.
Tamra – Frankfort, Kentucky

When I was in college, I listened to a lot of George Winston. The album DECEMBER was one of my all time favorites. I now say that my all time favorite “feel good” music CD is Playing The Piano Within Me.  Bravo, Jaythan Sparks, bravo!
Arturo – San Deigo, California

If one is fortunate to have a hero in their life, it is because one never gave up on searching for that hero. I am so emotional while typing this for jaythan’s music has touched my soul and g-d has blessed me with the right teacher. I have had so many piano teachers and there was never a connection with them. Jaythan’s music is so beautiful and it has open my connection to work on perfecting my own music. I have realized that playing the piano must come from my soul and not my ego. I have realized this from listening jaythan’s music. As the tears are falling while i write, they are tears of joy.thank you g-d for the tears. Thank you gd for jaythan spark’s music. Thank you g-d for bringing the music and the beauty of jaythan’s music for all to hear. I appreciate the gift he has for i now realize that i must play the piano from my soul not my ego!! What a lesson to learn! Jaythan, i have listen to every song you have put on the internet that i can find so far. You have e inspired me and you don’t even know how much. You have such beautiful music and i now want to play from my heart and soul as you do. Thank you for this realization, thank you. As i give the glory to my g-d, may you be blessed always and that others like me find you, your music, and your wisdom.
Annette Hayes – ( Deja Davis on facebook)

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